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Call 877-542-2130
Call 877-542-2130

Low Risk Solutions…  In many cases, we can provide our property tax recovery solutions so that you only pay us a percentage of what you save. Our fees structure is flexible depending on your specific needs. It is our intent to earn your future business through results that have an identifiable net benefit. We are prepared to provide review and appeal services for your property on a flat fee or contingency fee basis.

We believe that property taxes are a significant expense of real estate and that deserves the attention that it needs to make sure that it minimizes it’s effective on your bottom line.  It doesn’t matter if you owner occupied or a lessee a reduction of property taxes will effective your bottom line or your tenants.  Either way everyone benefits…

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Author: Will

30 years of tax experience in commercial real estate. We provide property tax recoveries for clients based on a contingency basis, that is we don't get paid unless we obtain property tax refund. Clearly, a win-win solution for all.

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