Property Tax Diligence

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Save your property tax
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Real estate transactions can significantly increase the tax burden of property.  Do you have changes in use, a local sale price, demolition,  or construction?  All which detrimentally impact your assessment values, classification, exemptions and, ultimately the amount of property taxes that you pay.

We recommend that every property should review their property tax assessments as regular process of Property Tax Diligence. This process includes a review of the current property tax obligations, examination of financial records including rent rolls, an evaluation of any outstanding appeals before the relevant assessment tribunals, as well as an estimate of the tax liability for the property owner and the tenants.

We are here to help you to mitigate your risks, by reducing the costs associated with your property tax diligence by mitigating the costs of the review process by being paid only if a successful property tax recovery can be achieved.


Author: Will

30 years of tax experience in commercial real estate. We provide property tax recoveries for clients based on a contingency basis, that is we don't get paid unless we obtain property tax refund. Clearly, a win-win solution for all.

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